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As Catherine transitions out of Early Learners and into Primary C I would like to recognize the teachers in the Early Learners classroom- Erika, Sonia, Terri, Kiki, and Natalie. They are all caring, hardworking women that do a fantastic job with the kids every day. Catherine loved each and every one and I was never less than completely impressed when I entered the classroom for drop-offs, pick-ups, and class parties. I would like to especially recognize Erika and Sonia. We were very fortunate that both Caroline and Catherine spent a year in their care. They are awesome teachers that truly understand the needs and care required of 2-3 year olds. I have to give them complete credit for potty training both of my girls! Again, I want to recognize the amazing talent in the Early Learners classroom and I look forward to the upcoming year.
Lindsay Peed
We Love It
It is very exciting to hear about all the changes and progress the school is making to continue to strive for both academic excellence and overall quality of resources and amenities around the campus. We are constantly telling people all about KRK East Roswell, so please know that your investments in our children are being passed forward with positive word of mouth, which hopefully leads to referrals. My wife and I would like to formally recognize Ms. Luma for all that she is doing with the Trainers program. When Carter transitioned into her classroom, we noticed an immediate impact that week. We started to notice changes in his social behavior and in his learning process. He no longer strayed from the group to play off by himself, in fact, we now see him front and center taking an interest in activities and hanging on Luma’s every word. We’d also like to recognize Ms. Libby for always giving us thorough account of all that Carter does every day when we pick him up. It’s obvious that she enjoys keeping the parents informed of their child’s progress and it is much appreciated! We had a great meet & greet with Ms. Rachel, Ms. Zana, and Ms. Brianna tonight and look forward to seeing how Carter grows in his new classroom. The way that she connects with the children to push them in a comfortable, yet extremely productive way, has been amazing to watch. Carter is thriving in this environment and we could not be happier with the way that Luma mixes a nurturing style with a style that challenges the kids to pay attention, follow the rules, and have fun while learning.
Andy & Jessica K.
Hard to Say Goodbye After Such a Wonderful Experience!
As we head into Tej's final week at KRK next week, I wanted to write and share my thoughts on the experience we've had at KRK, and specifically, in Ms. Luma's classroom. A neighbor of mine came to visit soon before Tej transitioned into daycare, and when she heard we had enrolled Tej into KRK, she was SO excited for us. She also specifically said "If you can, when Tej is at the right age, try to get into Ms. Luma's classroom. She is so special." That neighbor was very right. As I'm sure you've both seen and heard along the way, Tej has become quite the social butterfly in Ms. Luma's classroom. He entered her classroom a bit timid, having left the loving arms of his first teacher (Ms. Sonia), and probably spent his first few days banging on the glass to go back to his previous class. Each time we went to drop him off for the first week or two, he clung to us like a little spider monkey, but it wasn't long before Ms. Luma was able to gently extract him from our arms, lure him with distractions, and whisk him into Ms. Kathy's yummy breakfasts. Before we knew it, Tej wanted to walk into the school by himself, and just today, I got to watch as Tej happily climbed out of my arms and into his own breakfast chair. There are days when he's still a little clingy, and on those days, no one but Ms. Luma will do. She's become an expert at taking Tej to the window to see the rain or the clouds or the trucks go by, which not only helps Tej, but also helps myself and Tej's dad see Tej stare in wonder outside, with a little smile forming, instead of crying and reaching for us. Knowing we are leaving him happy in such thoughtful care means we get to start our workdays feeling peaceful, and we are always excited to get back to him at the end of the day and hear what he's gotten to learn that day. So many days now, he doesn't even want to leave school at the end of the day, and contrary to intuition, we actually LOVE that he is having so much fun that he doesn't want to leave right away. Besides the fun that Tej has each day with Ms. Luma, Ms. Libby, Ms. Jen, Ms. Erynn, and now Ms. Areme, he has learned SO MUCH. He comes home singing Mandarin songs that we have to try to figure out the lyrics to, he's an expert at his colors and animals, and he's wonderful at expressing his feelings and what he wants or needs. He's starting to string little sentences together, and he knows so many songs and stories. His little mind has expanded so much in the care of his Trainer teachers, and we are consistently surprised with what he's been taught and his ability to absorb the knowledge. It's one of the most magical parts of having a child, and I have no doubt we are seeing more magic here than we would be if he were in any of the other schools we considered. Ms. Luma and her sister and her daughter, Salma (who Tej LOVES due to her morning visits before she headed to school) have made our family feel like our own this year, and I just couldn't have asked for more from her, nor could I ever have anticipated the love Tej has for her, her fellow teachers, and his time at school. So although this is a very sad time for us and we are incredibly nervous about the transition ahead, we have the hope and peace of mind that comes with knowing that although this is a big change, Tej is prepared. He is brave and confident now, curious and friendly, and he's well equipped to master this challenge. While I know he will miss seeing Ms Luma and Ms Libby and Ms Jenn and Ms Erynn and Ms Areme each day, my hope and my belief is that he will adjust incredibly well and he'll run into this next adventure with open arms, an open mind, and open heart. As strange as it sounds, my biggest hope for him as that he runs ahead, as only a child can, and doesn't look back. He can leave that to us, his parents, and we will ALWAYS look back fondly on Tej's time at your school. It's a very special place, and I hope you can fully understand the gravity and impact that your directorship and your teachers have on the little lives that take root there, and the parents' lives too. The first school setting is something a parent never forgets, and I am so glad to have had your school be the beginning of Tej's education, for SO many reasons.
Beth Gupta
Thank you for everything!
I wanted to take a minute to thank you all profusely for the last four years. We have loved our time at KRK and are sad to leave! But as we’re attending a new school in the coming year, we won’t be able to do KRK after school. Every time we’ve walked into KRK has been an enjoyable experience. From the front desk to the teachers to the Ms. Cathy, everything has been a joy. I cannot recommend your school to enough people because I know they will be as happy with it as we have been. To have a place where you feel so comfortable leaving your children is truly a gift - you have alleviated a lot of this mom’s guilt, and I can’t thank you enough for caring for my children (and i truly mean caring for - they weren’t just kept safe, they were CARED FOR). We are so thankful that we found KRK and that our children were able to grow there.
Jen & Ryan Hartwig
While I'm sure you two know all about how fabulous your teachers are, I want to share my appreciation for two of them. My son Aaron skipped the Trainers class and therefore missed having Ms. Neeley, whom I didn't know, but had a really good feeling about based on word of mouth and interactions I witnessed between her and the kids. So this year when I heard she was going to be teaching one of the classes my son could possibly be in, I requested that he have her. I am beyond thankful for that decision! Not only did he get Neeley, he got Ms. Chelsea, and y'all, Aaron has his first bonafide hearts-in-his-eyes crush! He cried big ol' alligator tears when he found out she was changing classes. I am thrilled for the opportunity she's been given to lead a class, and incredibly sad at the same time that we don't get to interact with her like we did. These two are really special. Ms. Chelsea has the kind of personality that puts you at ease immediately, and there pretty much is no time I've been around her when I haven't heard one of the kids tell her they love her, or run to her for hugs. She is kind and caring, intuitive about the kids, and I've loved hearing about things Aaron has done or learned through her eyes. Ms. Neeley seems like she has been doing this forever. We have already sent our daughter, Avery, from Explorers through the first EPK program, and she is now finishing up first grade. She is smart and was very prepared for school (God bless Ms. Jenny & Ms. Carole, both of whom I miss!) I mention this to say that I have experienced my kids go through many classrooms and learn many things, and I am incredibly impressed with the curriculum and the projects that Neeley has put together for the kids. Aaron is pumped to go to school and eager to tell me about what they did. But more than that, Neeley is excited to do these things, and when I drop my son off and leave for work, it makes this Mama happy to know I left my kid with someone who is excited about what the day holds. As the child of a woman who taught kindergarten for 30 years, I know there is a lot of time and effort put in outside of the classroom, but Neeley makes it look effortless. The activities and projects she chooses are engaging and the kids always look like they are having a blast. You have many wonderful teachers at your school, and between Avery & Aaron, we have been lucky to have many of them. But I did not want to let any more time go by before I reached out to share with you how grateful we are to have Ms. Neeley and Ms. Chelsea as an integral part of Aaron's early education; they are appreciated and loved by our family.
Christy McKinzey
“We will forever remain indebted”
Our son has been in Kids R Kids East Roswell since he was three years old. Respect for people, feelings, open-mindedness toward learning new things has been the consistent hallmark of our experience. At age three, we went home to visit family for the holidays. He asked to get up from the table, asked to touch objects that did not belong to him. He knows that there is a place for everything and everything has its place. To me, a testament to a child enjoying his classroom experience is when he wants to marry his teachers and when you go to pick them up they say, “Dad can you wait a couple of minutes; I am not ready to go home yet,” Priceless. Each day has been an incredible learning adventure, with a balanced mix of enrichments such as language, art, sports combined with an advanced age-appropriate educational curriculum that introduces reading, social studies and math early through daily applications using real-life examples to make learning “come to life. With all the academic achievements our son has garnered – as a collegiate educator, I know all too well--that we must remind ourselves, the most important mode of learning during this period is “playing.” Make believe play of all kinds is attractive and fosters the development of language, socialization, and creativity. Interest in exploring their environment promotes early interest in science. Children like to build things out of items around the house as well building sets like Legos, Kinex, blocks, and others, encourage it and watch their learning explode. You hear that the first five years are the most important and you are correct. Between birth and five years old, 90 percent of a child’s brain development occurs, and at a lightning-fast pace. Every sight, smell, sound, and sensation make an impact. During this period neurons are building networks, cognition is exploding, language is developing, and the foundations are being laid for a lifetime of learning. For our son, at five years old he’s reading, doing math equations, practicing Mandarin and Spanish, studying geography, exploring science and space and most importantly having “FUN” while incessantly asking “why” or say “explain, please.” Now, as we prepare for him to leave Kids R Kids – East Roswell our most important task is to move him to a school that continues to challenge him and pushes him towards being successful not only as a person but also academically.” I cannot thank Mr. Paul, teachers and all the wonderful staff at Kids R Kids-East Roswell enough for providing what we all as parent’s desire; a safe, learning, and fun environment for our children to learn and grow in. A special thanks to Ms. Neely for nurturing and providing a wonderful learning and growing experience for Josiah when he first entered the school. Ms. Terri and Ms. Vonnetta kudos to you for introducing so many new learning concepts and ensuring Josiah is Kindergarten ready-we love and appreciate all that you do. Keep raising the bar for pre-school excellence!
Carlton T. Hardee
SImply the Best in the Business
“Our son has been in Kids R Kids East Roswell since he was 3 years old. Respect for people, feelings, open-mindedness toward learning new things has been the consistent hallmark of our experience. At age three, we went home to visit family for the holidays. He asked to get up from the table, asked to touch objects that did not belong to him. He knows that there is a place for everything and everything has its place. To me, a testament to a child enjoying his classroom experience is when he wants to marry his teachers and when you go to pick them up they say, “Dad can you wait a couple of minutes, I am not ready to go home yet,” Priceless. Each day has been an incredible learning adventure, with a balanced mix of enrichments such as language, art, sports combined with an advanced age appropriate educational curriculum that introduces reading, social studies and math early through daily applications using real life examples to make learning “come to life.” I cannot thank Mr. Paul, teachers and all the wonderful staff at Kids R Kids-East Roswell enough for providing what we all as parent’s desire; a safe, learning, and fun environment for our children to learn and grow in. A special thanks to Ms. Neely for nurturing and providing a wonderful learning and growing experience for Josiah when he first entered the school. Ms. Terri and Ms. Vonnetta kudos to you for introducing so many new learning concepts and ensuring Josiah is Kindergarten ready-we love and appreciate all that you do. Keep raising the bar of pre-school excellence!
Dr. Carlton T. Hardee
I feel so lucky!
Our son Emerson started at KidsRKids in May of this year. Prior, he had stayed home with either my husband or my Mother-in-Law, but felt as he was getting older he needed more social opportunities and more education. We went to many different daycare facilities, but felt most connected with your facility. The day that Emerson started I was so worried and nervous, but could feel the love and support from Ms. Luma and Ms. Wilma as my husband and I dropped him off. From that moment on, I continued to feel like our son was an important part of their classroom and their lives. I felt relief knowing that when I dropped him off that he would be well taken care. I felt that Ms. Luma and the rest of the teachers went above and beyond to keep me updated on his day and how he was doing overall. I knew we had found the right place when he excitedly ran into Ms. Luma’s arms when we would drop him off. As the year was coming to an end, I found myself sad about Emerson not being a part of this classroom, but knew that these teachers had a new bunch of little ones that they got to love, care for, and teach. You have four really amazing teachers in that classroom and I just wanted to take a minute and let you know. I feel lucky that Emerson started his schooling experience in the Trainers classroom and with these teachers.
Erin Nieto
Thank you!
My son Leo Yaish attends KRK @ East Roswell for more than a year now, and this week he transferred from Trainers to Explorers. I am writing to you because I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude to the Trainers staff. Ms. Luma, Ms. Wilma, Ms. Libby, Ms. Christie (and really, everyone else I did not mention!) made Leo's year so amazing. Walking into his classroom every morning with such a peaceful atmosphere - is something I never experienced at a day care. You could think there are two kids in the class while it is full! Everyone is so engaged in the care and so loving and warm. Leo, and I, love Every one of his teachers so much. We miss them a lot, but at the same time, we are confident that the care and standards of KRK @ E Roswell - will not disappoint us in this year to follow. As a registered nurse, I know that compassion and caring for other people is not something that can be acquired in school. It is something that needs to be within you, something that the Trainers staff have demonstrated throughout the year. And Leo and all the other kids have felt it.They are all truly an asset to your school. I did not mention Leo's development - that, by itself, would be a whole letter too. Leo has learned so much throughout the year, fine motor skills, speaking full sentences and he only turned two this week! Every time he came home with new words or songs I knew where he learned it - as we only speak Hebrew at home. There is a lot more to thank for, and I don't think words can be enough to express me and my husband's feelings. I also want to mention the staff at the front desk that is always so pleasant and helpful and welcome us with a smile every morning! I would also like to attach a letter I wrote to Ms. Luma on the last day of school: "Ms. Luma… When we decided it was Leo’s time to go to day care, we looked for the place we thought would be best for him. A place where he would get all the love, care, fun, security, and ability to be himself… Happy little Leo. We heard KRK @ East Roswell was a high school, but we could never imagine a teacher as great as you. Ms. Luma, Leo has grown and learned so much this past year. He goes to school every single day with a smile. The atmosphere in the classroom is always calm. The activities are so much fun. Everything is always so organized! Leo’s excellent motors have improved so much, and just overall, we are amazed by all his accomplishments this year; mostly – thanks to your (and Wilma, Libby, Christie, and Rosemary’s) daily devotion and care of this group. All of you are amazing. And we are so thankful for everything you did and do. Leo and we will miss you. We can only hope that if he has a little brother or sister- they will have you as a teacher as well! We believe a teacher like you is once in a lifetime. So, with all of our appreciation and love, Thank you very very much
Leo, Corin and Oz Yaish
We love the teachers!
As the summer is coming to an end, I wanted to take a moment to write you a note to commend the fabulous teachers that my kids had this last year for their work and care of my kids. I especially want to recognize the teachers in the Walkers and Talkers class. We are always greeted with a friendly smile and Emilia truly looks forward to spending her day with her Walkers and Talkers teachers every day. We love seeing all of the pictures of the fun activities that the teachers plan for the kids during the day. We are looking forward to another great year for Emilia at Kids r Kids in her new classroom. Thomas has thrived on the Creators class. He has gained a lot of confidence this last year and we credit Ms. Paige and the other teachers in his class for helping him come out of his shell. He LOVES Ms. Paige and the other teachers that help make Creators a special class. He will miss Kids r Kids very much this school year.
Monica Gentzschein
So glad!
We moved Haley (and Connor) from another school where they had both been enrolled since I went back to work after having Connor in early 2012. We moved Haley and Connor to KRK after becoming dissatisfied with their prior school. First, after seeing how both kids have thrived since they started at KRK in January I wish I had known about KRK back in 2011 when I started looking for daycare for Connor. As my mother says, "if I had known better, I would have done better," but I didn't know about KRK then, but I am so glad I found KRK last December! In the two weeks leading up to leaving our former school Haley moved up to the equivalent of Early Learners at her previous school. At drop off she would cry (almost to the point of throwing up) when we would leave her. She became quiet and more attached to us. Not the Haley we had known at all. On the day we brought her to visit KRK she joined the other kids playing and did not want to leave. On Day 2 at KRK she went eagerly to her teachers. From thereon it was smooth sailing. Ms. Erica, Ms. Sonia and Ms. Stephaney are gems. Haley loves them beyond words. She talks about them at home, she eagerly seeks them out when we get to school. They have truly made a positive and lasting mark on Haley and her development. Haley has thrived in their class in every direction. She is more verbal, she has an eagerness to learn, her abilities to deal with conflict and emotion, and her character development is to her teachers' credit. Haley has not just learned in Early Learners she has developed on all fronts. The teachers in Early Learners make the day fun: Ms. Erica uses the children describing the clothes they are wearing to reinforce color; patterns; texture. She is creative in teaching the kids without them realizing they are learning! She teaches them to respect themselves and others in a way that translates to how the children treat others at home and outside of school. Ms. Stephanie brings fun by acting out stories and making reading extremely entertaining and teaching through singing. Ms. Sonia encourages the children to try new and different things whether its toys or play or art and gets them well on their way to early potty training. Each of her teachers brings a special quality to her classroom, and we feel so fortunate that she has had a chance to be with them these last months. And I know it is the teachers in that room for one very specific reason: We came to class one day around the time of Spring Break when some of her teachers were taking vacation. We went into the class and Haley became clingy. When I started to leave she cried and wouldn't let go, I was so confused. She was crying and disruptive so I took her into the hall and was holding her and talking with her trying to calm her down. Ms. Stephaney came around the corner, and Haley quieted and was concerned about why Haley was upset. I realized I didn't recognize Haley's teachers and asked Ms. Stephaney if Haley would recognize any of her teachers, and Ms. Stephaney realized they were new to Haley. She took Haley in her arms, and they walked in. No tears. Haley was happy. That is what a normal day is like for Haley. She runs in to hug her teachers, receives their love, direction, and guidance. She is happy, eager, thriving, and I give credit to her three main teachers for all they have done to shape her. We look forward to her moving up, but we sure will miss Ms. Erica, Ms. Stephanie, Ms, Sonia.
Kristy Killeen
I wanted to extend our deepest gratitude to you and your teachers in the Walkers & Talkers classroom. Our son Philip was very hesitant when he first started months ago. Now he can't wait to get out of the car and run into the classroom. We owe it all to Ms. Sonja, Ms. Trinity, Miss Mia, and Miss Avery. They have done such an amazing job and we can see a transformation in our son. Philip joined the classroom later in the year and each of the teachers made him feel welcome. They were patience, held his little hand, wiped his tears and gave him more time eating. As first time parents we were not sure what to expect but we are thrilled to be part of the Kids R Kids family. Looking forward to Philip's continued growth in the Trainers Class. P.S- the water park was a success! Great amenity for the kids!
Kelly & Jennifer
Explorers and Daniela
I wanted to let you know how much the Explorers team means to our family. Lauren, Zeina and Daniela are amazing. I truly feel as they are members of our family. While I am happy Ansley is progressing to the Seekers class, we are going to to miss seeing Lauren, Zeina and Daniela every day. I greatly looked forward to seeing the each of them everyday. Lauren always makes me feel like everything is going to be okay - even in my life, not just with Ansley. Zeina, ALWAYS makes me smile. Always. I cannot describe Daniela, in any other word but an Angel. Ansley is safer with her than anyone else. She is an absolute gift. Ansley is very reserved - or definitely not as outgoing as Ashley. It takes a while for her to warm up to people, even grandparents. She is a momma's girl. I will always remember the day I took Ansley into class and she just reached out to go to Daniela. Daniela had only been in the class a few days. I was very taken back and waited until I got in my car to cry that Ansley loved another like me. I was so over joyed. My sweet, shy Ansley made a special connection. Ansley talks about "My Niela" all the time at home. Everything Ansley wants to share with "My Niela. " Every morning in the car, Ansley is gleaming in her seat yelling "My Niela. " She cannot wait to get to school to see Niela. I just wanted you to know how special these 3 ladies are to our family. I will forever be thankful to them. Just looking at the pictures they post throughout the day on FaceBook, you can see the love each of them have for the children. We are so lucky!!!
Brooke LaFrag
Just wanted to take a moment to say how pleased I am with the ladies in my son Alex's walkers/talkers classroom. Sonia, Mia, and Trinity do a great job with those kids and I can see the developmental difference in my boy. Very solid group- and really no surprise as KRK is as good as it gets.
Aaron Moll
We are blown away!
I have been meaning to email you or write a note for some time now... and the reasons to do so Lee building. I want you to know how awesome the seekers class is, specifically Ms. Katie (and previously Ms. Justine). We are so lucky to have teachers that care about our kids so much, and we can trust that they are in the best care emotionally, physically, and educationally. Ms. Katie has no problem going out of her way for the kids best interest, and it is noticed. Having switched from another daycare (that we were happy with), our family has been blown away by KRK. The staff is so friendly and welcoming. Shout out to Katherine, Suzanne, and Nicole! Also, the level of academics has been super impressive. Thank you, and all your staff for letting us working families feel so confident in our choices!
Lauren cohen, jason Maynard and Lucinda Maynard
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate and value the teachers in the Early Learners classroom. Every day Erika, Stephaney, and Sonja make sure I am well informed about Lilly’s struggles and successes. They make sure that they communicate things that they worked with her on, and strategies that seemed to help her progress in the areas which she struggles. When an issue arises, they promptly work WITH me to brainstorm solutions to help Lilly overcome her struggles. I feel that each of them love my child and take care of her as if she was one of their own. On numerous occasions, Stephaney has gone out of her way to help me with Lilly. Erika has also shown me the same dedication and support in helping Lilly reach her goals. During my recent parent-teacher conference Erika (and Ms. Lou) spent a generous amount of time discussing Lilly’s progress and areas needing improvement. They made sure to highlight her strengths as well as thoughtfully discuss her difficulties. I never felt rushed, and they answered all of my questions. They listened to what I had to say and gave me wonderful feedback. Together we were able to come up with a game plan to tackle Lilly’s current list of struggles ( potty training is hard you know, and so is being a toddler!). Sonja has helped keep Lilly consistent with potty training and keeping things at the school similar to our home routine. I was so thankful when all of the teachers were willing to help me keep a sticker potty chart at school for Lilly. On several occasions, I have come to pick Lilly up, and she is using the potty – and I am witness to her teachers using the potty chart as I intended. It may seem like a little thing, but I always feel like each one of them try to listen to me, and accommodate my wishes when then can. As a parent, this is very much appreciated and makes me realize that this is more than just a job to them. They are invested in making sure my child is well cared for, and growing to her full potential. Every day I am so thankful that I do not have to worry about my child at daycare. I know that her teachers will care for her as I do and that we are on the “same page” when dealing with her struggles. As you know, it is important to have consistency with children, and the teachers have helped me keep that consistency from home life throughout her school day. I just thought you should know how great the Early learner's team is, and how much of an asset they are to your institution. I am sure the Seekers team is just as wonderful. However, I dread having to leave these three phenomenal women when Lilly switches classes at the end of the summer.
Amanda Harding
Thank you so much.
I had a conversation with Ms. Erica the other day and we thought you should hear about it too. I'm changing schools next year. I'm returning to AJA (pending contract negotiation) after being away for two years. When Matthew was born and I returned to work, he came with me and stayed in the baby room at the school. He was well cared for and I loved his teachers then. It helped to have him close by while he was nursing. When I left, I took him with me. The tuition was high and given the current climate with their new administration I didn't want him to stay there. My husband and I chose KRK after considering three other schools. We love it. He's happy. He's thriving. When I decided to return to the school (new administration, new classroom teaching situation), Aaron and I knew Matthew would remain at KRK because we wanted him to continue in an environment where he knew everyone, he was comfortable, and he was learning. The teachers have everything to do with that. They are an incredible team of educators. They are part of our family's "village". Thank you from all of us!
The Freedman Family
Thank you!
Thanks again for the extra attention and effort to help us with finding a solution with Anders. We'd love to keep him involved in the school at any level possible. I also just wanted to do a shout out to the Explorers class teachers. Lauren does an excellent job keeping the place organized and educational. I think probably with one of the most difficult age groups. (I don't know that for sure, but seems like the "terrible two's" are a tricky). Zeina, Daniela, and Rachel are all hard workers and very sweet to Anders. They all seem to go the extra mile to keep the kids happy and safe. I'm impressed with how organized, and under control, it is despite how many little ones in there! At home, I can barely handle just the one kid :) I also appreciate all the Facebook posts. I think the pictures add something and make it easy for me to talk with Anders about his day. Anders always has something to tell me that he learned in the class and he's excited to go every morning (though I am usually late) I appreciate the exposure to new ideas and activities that seem to be the norm there. The helpers are great too. Avery and I can't remember the other girl's names that are in there later in the day. (I'm sure Anders knows who they are, though) They are all very sweet girls. Anyway, thanks again for such a great school. It's worth every penny! I still haven't posted a review online anywhere. It's long overdue. I'll make sure I get on that!
Mark Elwood
A truly terrific staff!
I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what I told Darla the other morning--what a truly terrific staff you have. Avery started in Ms. Lauren's class several years ago and is now in Kindergarten, and Aaron is currently in Ms. Erika's class. Ms. Lauren ushered both of my kids through their separation anxiety phases with constant love and affection. When I found out Aaron would have Ms. Erika, I was beyond thrilled. The only sad part for me is that he was losing Ms. Stephaney, whom he and I both loved. And now that Stephaney is back with Erika, I am overjoyed. Stephaney is so full of energy and affection. When I watched the Facebook videos they posted and it was Stephaney leading the class, I was so very impressed with her interactions with the kids. Erika is loving and knowledgeable, and Aaron's vocabulary and sentence structure has improved greatly just since classes switched in August. Stephaney puts a smile on my face during every interaction we have, and she is always eager to tell me what new things Aaron has been doing, and her excitement and love for him is apparent. As a parent, you can't ask for more than that. And while there are many, many great teachers in your school, I just really wanted to take a minute to brag on Stephaney and Erika. I am so thankful both of my kids have gotten to experience school with them, on both an academic and personal level. They are so much more than teachers--they provide love, support, and discipline. As a Mom who has chosen to work full time, I couldn't ask for a better environment for my kids to spend their time. And so I thank you for everything you have put into that school, the teachers you have there, and the things I know you do for them that keep them motivated and happy. You are all very much appreciated.
I had to tell you how well Dean is doing in kindergarten. He is like a different child. I always knew he would mature as he got older, but you would be so proud of him. He is starting to read, he loves doing homework, he is so good about using his words and telling someone when he is upset -- I mean he has his moments, as all kids do -- but he is just amazing! Why am I telling you this? Because, I absolutely think that his being in class with Ms. Patti and you was the best opportunity for him. He is thriving because of it and Danny and I couldn't be happier! The other reason I am contacting you is because Dean still talks about Ms. Patti and you, as if he saw you both yesterday. He misses you both dearly! We have him at KRK camp this week and all he has been asking me is if he will get to see Ms. Mary and Ms. Patti! Anyway, we miss you both and thank you for all you did for our Dean last year -- it has clearly had an amazing affect on him!
Thank you!
James and I wanted to let you know what an amazing experience our family has had while Cordelia was in the Nursery. There is honestly something magical about the teachers in that room. Patty, Lis, Agnes and Kathy have been beyond amazing with our daughter. I have never had a childcare experience where I felt that my child was better cared for than when Cordelia was with them. We honestly can't say enough nice things about the team in the nursery. Thank you!
Jennifer and James H.
Our daughter is more than "kindergarten ready"!
With Blake finishing up her first month in Kindergarten at Northwood, I wanted to send you an email to let you know how pleased we are with KRK and specifically Ms. Jenny and Ms. Carole for getting her “kindergarten ready”! We had expected that Blake would be as ready as any child for the transition given that she has been in daycare full-time since 6 months old. However, we had no idea just how much of a difference there would be academically, socially and personally…not only has she not experienced frustrations when it comes to the learning side but she is excited about it and even asks for more homework; she is already exhibiting leadership skills among her classmates and is so helpful to her friends that are struggling; and her independence and ability to acclimate to change grows each day! While we attribute a lot of this to her personality and of course hope that some of it is our parenting J, we believe that her pre-K experience is contributing significantly to her success! So thank you for providing such a wonderful place for our girls and for being so diligent in hiring and keeping the best of the best teachers around!
Ashley and Jeff Corban
We love it!
After deciding to move our family from Hapeville to Roswell based on mom and dad's jobs, we selected this school based on where we wanted to live and wanted to move. My brother's girls went to a KRK in NC and I looked at this location based on his love of the one my nieces attended. I was very impressed with the school and the interaction of all the teachers on my initial visit. My 3.5 year old and my 1.5 year old (at the time of the visit) sat in their future rooms and had a great time. My initial impressions of Luma, Sonia, Sabrina, and Justine is what made me know I made a great decision. Our 1.5 year old grew SO MUCH in Ms. Luma's class. And my 3.5 year old LOVED Ms. Sabrina. I can't say enough about the teachers at this place. I am so happy that we are here and our soon to be 4 year old is in Pre-K with Ms. Dawn and our soon to be 2 year old is with Ms. Lauren. Every teacher is amazing but we were lucky in particular for Alexzandra - she is our foster daughter and soon to be adopted and she had some developmental delays that were soon tackled and she made great strides with Luma and Sonia to be ready to move on to the next class. Our former location was loving and the teachers were very caring, but the curriculum and attention to detail at KRK has been amazing and we are thrilled with our decision to come to this location.
Savannah and Ali's Mom
Thank you so much!
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much we appreciate your Kids R Kids. We walk in everyday and talk to almost all of the teachers, as we have now been there for almost three years and our boys have been through several classes. You have attracted top notch teachers and assistants that are also so passionate and caring about what they are doing. I am so thankful for each classroom that our boys have been through and more importantly the teachers that are educating and shaping these young minds. As you know, Rivers started KRK when he was two and half and went through several different classes including his Pre-K class. He has an August birthday, so we debated if he was ready to start kindergarten after just turning 5. A couple days into his first week in the class, he said that he loved it and has this confidence in his daily school work. His kindergarten teacher has told us several times how well he is thriving in the class room. Despite being one of the youngest, we know that he was prepared and ready for this stage because of his early education and the curriculum at KRK! Thank you so much for being a daily presence in the school and also showing your care and concern for all the students under your watch!! We look forward to many more years with the KRK family!
Kids-R-Kids Outstanding Teacher - Luma
My little guy, Owen, is currently in Ms. Luma's classroom, and I cannot tell you enough how amazing she is! I am sure you hear this a lot about Luma, but there truly is no one like her :). I was so nervous when Owen started the transition to Trainers because he absolutely adored his teacher, Trinity, in Walkers Talkers. Luma has been so awesome and welcoming - it truly warms my heart when Owen leaps out of my arms into hers each morning when we drop him off. We know that he loves coming to school at KRK, but he loves seeing all his friends and Ms. Luma in her classroom each day. I just learned today that Owen will be transitioning to the next classroom in August, and I must say it's very bittersweet for me. Leaving Ms. Patty (she's another AMAZING teacher and person) and Ms. Agnes in the nursery was super-hard for me, and I feel the same leaving Luma's classroom. I seriously wish I could take her with me to Owen's next classroom. We will miss her so much, but I know for certain we will continue to see her. She has been such an integral part of Owen's life. Owen has grown so much, developmentally, since starting in the Trainers classroom in March, and I attribute his success to his amazing teacher Luma :). You've got quite the gem, Mr. Paul! Hang on to that sweet, awesome, beautiful, amazing teacher Ms. Luma!!!
Samantha A.
Thank You
I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how incredibly happy we have been with KRK this year. We had only heard great things about your school from several of our friends and when we started attending ourselves, it was truly one of the best decisions we have made for our kids. Everyone, from the front desk, to the teachers and the afternoon staff, have all been really wonderful to us. It is really priceless to walk in to a school/daycare and get a genuinely warm, happy feeling from everyone there. We are so pleased Emily has made such great strides in the short time we’ve been there. She is talking so much and learning so many great things that we love to hear about every day. She is always so excited to share what she has learned, either about books, an activity, or songs. Ms. Erika and Ms. Melisa have been AMAZING – they know exactly what type of approach to use with Emily to make sure she gets the most out of anything they are doing. I’m truly impressed at their patience with the class and how effortless they make it seem… When we all know that age group can be a lot to handle! We are really excited that she is at the point of moving up to the next class but trust me, we will absolutely miss both Ms. Erika and Ms. Melisa a ton! They made our transition so easy and Emily just loves them both so much. Ms. McKenna has been a great addition to the class as well – Emily talks about her all the time! While we can’t believe we will have one in kindergarten next year, we know there isn’t a place that would have prepared Ryder more for it than Ms. Mary and Ms. Patti’s class. Ms. Mary’s approach has been exactly what Ryder needed to grow and mature this year. She enforces rules but has such a loving way about her. Ms. Patti has also been such an asset to the class. Ryder absolutely loves reading and writing words and we’ve really seen his creativity skyrocket this year, which we have them to thank. We love that he’s always talking about how much he loves Ms. Kathy’s food too – that is saying a lot! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with your school and staffing. I can’t imagine all the work that has to go on behind the scenes to make it run so smoothly. I’m not sure you all hear this enough but it is the best feeling to know that we can drop our kids off in the morning and not worry about them during the day. We know they are in the best of hands!
Shanme D.
Walkers Talkers
I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we appreciate the teachers in the Walkers Talkers classroom. It seems like such a challenging class to teach with kids at varying stages of development (immobile to actually walking and talking!) yet they all do it effortlessly. We truly appreciate the care they show our Catherine every day and the patience they have with us as parents. This phase of life is full of so many changes, challenges, and excitement as she transitions from infant to toddler and we love that we're sharing this time with such wonderful teachers (and great people!).
Lindsay and Kris P.
We have nothing but great things to say about you, your school, and the outstanding staff that you have surrounded our kids with.
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for running a top-notch facility. I appreciate that you guys have exceeded any expectations that I had for the environment in which my kids would be exposed to, day in and day out, so that my husband and I could continue to pursue our careers. Being that it is tax season and my mind is on a million different things at work, I take comfort in knowing that my kids are safe, well-fed, loved on, given a stellar education, but most importantly that I don't need to worry while they are in your care. We have nothing but great things to say about you, your school, and the outstanding staff that you have surrounded our kids with. I am very grateful for each of the teachers that Jackson has had, but in particular his current class, Early Learners, I am most impressed with. From day one I expressed a slight concern about his hearing and speech compared to his classmates and in response, each of his teachers, in their own way, have taken a vested interest in making sure that he is not falling behind. I can ask any one of them on any given day how he is doing and they can tell me. They have each picked up on how he has compensated for not being able to hear perfectly and have met him where he has needed them. I am particularly appreciative for all the support Ms. Zeina has offered. Every day she takes the time to ask me about things outside of school, how the most recent doctors appointments are going, and what she can do (if anything) to help. Jackson (and Sloane) both adore her and soak up the showering of love that she displays to them on a regular basis. I can't begin to imagine how exhausting a classroom full of 2 1/2 year olds can be, but Ms. Zeina handles it with such grace. I have watched her as she gets down to a child's level and uses a gentle tone when a teachable moment presents itself. She is always so calm, cool, and collected, even when there is controlled chaos around her. She has the cutest arts and crafts ideas and brings so much enthusiasm to the activity that she is leading. I try to make an effort to thank the teachers daily for the hard work they put into my kids, but I just thought you (Mr. Paul) should know how appreciative we are as well. Thanks for all the things you guys do, especially the things that we don't even know about!
Sydney S.
My son was treated like he was part of a great family!
My son Sebastian went to Kids R Kids for about 6 years, during this time he was treated like if he was part of a great family, the whole staff but especially Mr. Paul, Mrs. Hilary and Mr. Anthony were exceptionally nice to Sebastian, he was always treated with great appreciation and respect, for this and much more I'd recommend KrK of East Roswell to any family. Thanks for everything!!!
Natalia V.
We LOVE Ms. Luma! She is instrumental in our daughter's learning!
My husband, Al, and I would like to take the opportunity to recognize a member of your staff who has an especially positive impact on our daughter, Caroline. Since Caroline started at Kids R Kids in August 2015, many members of your staff have demonstrated care and concern for Caroline’s well-being. Luma, however, has always made a special effort to make Caroline feel welcome – even before Caroline was in the Trainers Room. Luma knew Caroline’s name when she was still in the Walkers Talkers Room and greeted us warmly every morning – this helped Caroline feel comfortable when it was time to move to the Trainers room full-time. Caroline transitioned into the Trainers Room in December and she is flourishing in the environment Luma provides. Throughout the day, we check in via video and can see Caroline and the other children engaged in multiple learning activities. Although the children are young, we feel these experiences are building a foundation for lifelong learning and love of knowledge. Caroline is being exposed to music, language, books, art – and she loves it all! We believe Luma is instrumental in making this happen for Caroline. Luma nurtures all aspects of Caroline’s needs inclusive of her social learning, physical well-being, and curiosity. We appreciate all Luma has done and continues to do for Caroline and we wanted to ensure, via this letter, that you are aware of Luma’s wonderful contributions to the success of our child and your organization.
Heather & Al Stanley
Our graduates are Honor Roll students!
I wanted to let you know what you, the teachers and administrators, and everyone at Kids R Kids need to hear-an update on some of your Pre-K graduates in elementary school. On Thursday, January 21st, 2016, my wife and I attended the River Eves Principal Honor Roll and Honor Roll. This event is for children in Grades 2 and 3 who have either attained either all As, or As and Bs in the first half of the school year. As we were watching, I recognized AT LEAST 10 children (it may have been more) who have attended Kids R Kids, walk up onto the stage to receive recognition. I thought, in turn, that you should receive recognition for the continued and enduring support you have given the majority of these kids. Well Done!
Adrian G
Excellent Summer Camp!
I recommend Kids R Kids East Roswell Preschool. This is going to be my kid's 3rd year in their Summer Camp. They plan a lot of activities for the kids and very good field trips; they also have a water park in the school and the kids love it! All meals and snacks are provided so no need to pack lunch every day. They open at 6:30a and close at 6:30p which is very convenient for full time working parents like us. And they have a very good location at Holcomb Bridge, very close to the Studio Movie Grill. Their prices are very competitive and their teachers are amazing. They also have special camps during the days the school is closed, like Spring Break, teacher work days etc.
Marbella C
Thank you!!
Hey Paul! Just wanted to let you know a bunch of your little alumnae - including Theo - were selected for the T.A.G. program at River Eves Elementary! Thanks again for being such a wonderful and caring partner in the fundamental education of our little guy! We're so happy to be a part of the KRK East Roswell family.
Theo & Marla
So proud!
So proud of all of you! Makes us parents feel pretty good! :)
Kathy O.
Thank you so much for setting the example
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the staff at your facility and especially with the teachers in the Trainer's classroom. My daughter, Lilly, has only been coming to Kids R Kids East Roswell since the end of July, but I am very pleased with how the teachers have helped integrate her (and myself!) into the daily activities of the classroom. I am a very anxious parent, and I was very nervous about Lilly starting daycare (she was cared for by relatives up until this point). I searched EVERY daycare in the area, and your school was the ONLY one I felt comfortable enough to entrust with my child’s care. Ms. Luma and Sonia have been especially helpful and have really gone above and beyond to help Lilly and me through this process. I am not as familiar with the other two main teachers in her classroom; however, they have always been very pleasant to deal with and I often see them helping my child on the cameras. I am comforted to know my child is with such a receptive, responsible, and kind group of teachers. I really feel as if we are working together as a team to help facilitate my daughter’s growth and development. This is a very important quality that I value in my relationship with my child’s care givers. The front office staff has also been very helpful, and EVERYONE has always been very inviting and respectful (and competent- which is very much appreciated). Thank you so much for setting the example for exemplary child care, and helping to form a new and improved standard for quality childcare.
Amanda H.
I have been eager to say this...
I have been meaning to send a note for a long time so this is VERY overdue. Patty, Lis, Anges and Emily are absolutely AMAZING. We feel so fortunate to of had these ladies love Ansely everyday and feel privileged to have gotten to know them. I cannot say enough or even put into words how much theses ladies mean to our family. They are AMAZING. These ladies have the best chemistry, gave me complete comfort of leaving Ansley everyday, and completely were accepting of my craziness :) They are the best!
Brooke L.
Exceeded our expectations by far!
We have been so happy with our choice to move our four year old to Kids R Kids of East Roswell. Everyone has made us feel so welcome. In the short time he has been there, he has really fallen in love with his teachers,Nathan and Chrissy! We have been going through a rough patch at home and Nathan and Chrissy have each taken the time to talk to my husband and I to find out how they can help us through it. It is clear to see they are truly invested in his well being and genuinely care. We feel like we struck gold by being placed in the Discoverers class! Each day my son comes home singing us new songs and sharing fun facts from the day. ("Mommy, we have a globe in our class. Did you know that you can see the seven continents on the globe?"). My infant will start attending this summer and we are really excited to watch him go through their entire program. Ms. Hilary and Ms. Suzanne at the front desk have also made a huge impact on our experience. Each time we enter the building we are greeted with a warm smile and friendly words. They are both kind, professional and resourceful. The staff all seem genuinely happy and passionate about what they do. In the time we've been there, we have seen teachers rewarded with luncheons, teacher appreciation events and heard about other fun incentives like a trip to Disney for two teachers. Wow!!! I have been working with early childhood programs for almost twenty years in many different capacities. East Roswell Preschool has exceeded my expectations by far! I'm sure my friends and family are tired of hearing me talk about our preschool but I have been seriously blown away by the world class program Mr. Paul and his director, Darla have built! Thank you, thank you, thank you a hundred times!!!!
Rachael L.
Consistently well-run and impressive childcare
Our son spent almost two years at KRK East Roswell and as parents of four children that have been in multiple daycare environments over a 20+ year span, we have never found a facility as consistently well run and impressive as this one. The owner (Paul) is highly engaged in the business and he knows how to attract and retain an amazing staff. Every situation, from a child biting another to handling inclement weather to communicating expectations are all handled professionally and capably. We could not be more pleased with our experience.
Eric F
New parent
As a parent, I would love to share my experience with Kids R Kids- East Roswell. Since infancy, my son attended Crème de la Crème, so he was only exposed to their staff and environment for over the first year of his life. During the beginning of our school search, some of the schools were unorganized, the classrooms were small, staff turnover was high, facility was untidy inside or out and staff. Needless to say, the search for a new school was difficult. I am a former Executive Director of Crème de la Crème- Haynes Bridge and I have worked in the early education industry for over thirteen years. I have high expectations of a learning center for my child. I became worried that there wasn't a school that could compare to what he was accustomed to and grown to love. We toured many schools before I stumbled upon Kids R Kids- East Roswell. I wasn't familiar with Kids R Kids and I didn't know what to expect upon entering the school. During my tour, I was impressed with the staff engaging with students, overview of the curriculum, cleanliness of facility, staff retention, classroom sizes, playgrounds and the Watch Me Grow application. The director was personable, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. We visited his potential classroom and one of the teachers welcomed him with open arms. After his interaction with her, I thought this may be school for us. Our initial visit to the school was amazing, and I have to say it has been an amazing experience for my son and our family ever since.
R. Forbes
ABC Mouse
Both of our boys love ABC Mouse and use it all the time. The games, songs, and books are fun and engaging while very educational. ABC Mouse is very kid friendly and has helped them with identifying letters, letter sounds, reading, and especially math. Plus it has helped them learn to navigate a computer screen using a mouse and a touch screen. As parents, we really feel comfortable with ABC Mouse because no internet pop-ups occur and all material is appropriate for all ages. ABC Mouse also routinely updates or creates new material for the learning paths so the children do not get bored with the same games, songs or books. We really enjoy ABC Mouse and love that East Roswell Kids R Kids promotes the use of this wonderful learning tool!
Shawna P.
Fantastic afterschool program!
Hi Darla and Paul, Matt and I just wanted to recognize the outstanding job that Anthony and Katharine do with the afterschool. Leah was so excited about the art show that they were putting together. She talked about it for a week and was devastated to know that she might have to miss it due to gymnastics (good news though, she was able to make both). It is those little touches that help make their class more than after-school, but a true enrichment program where the kids are able to try out new loves like Art and have new experiences that they will always remember. We continue to be impressed with how well Anthony and Katharine work together. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Cece and Matt
The foundation and quality of the education they received, has prepared them to thrive
Zhenia and I just wanted to thank you for providing such an incredible pre-school for our community and such an incredible education for our boys. As you know, we were quite picky and took a long time deciding on a preschool for our kids. We wanted to make sure we found them the very best, and we did. The foundation and quality of the education they received, has prepared them to thrive and excel in their elementary school. We have seen that first hand from our eldest son's success in his elementary school and know our youngest will follow suite as he enters Kindergarten next year. We are sad to leave KrK East Roswell after 5 years, but it will forever be in our family's fond memories. Thank you again for giving our children the best possible preschool experience and education.
A. Kaplan
A True Team
When we joined the KRK family, we knew right away there was something special about the learning academy. The immediate love and connection from the teachers, staff and fellow parents made us feel right at home and comfortable. There is always a smiling face greeting you at the door and hugs galore! Our daughter has blossomed into a bright, active and compassionate child due to the atmosphere and wonderfully designed curriculum at KRK East Roswell. We know her success is due to the dedication and commitment of her teachers and the overall focus of the school to position children for best, all while encouraging and celebrating their individuality. Due to new jobs, we had to make the difficult decision to leave KRK but know that if anything were to change, we would be back in a heart beat. You child will grow and blossom at this school - it's amazing!
D. Mendel
Grateful for the support
My son has been with KRK East Roswell since he was 10 months, but we are particularly grateful for the care he's received this past year. As he turned 3 years old his behavior showed many of the typical signs of the terrible threes! While I quickly sought out help books for this new phase, I also was very pleased at the support from his teachers. Ms. Erica, Mr. Nathan, and Ms. Chrissy were consistent in their approaches and philosophies to addressing challenging behavior. They shared these methods with my husband and me, and we brought them home to our daily routines. It's taken time, but we have seen so much improvement. It's a joy to have more harmony back at home. KRK East Roswell goes beyond education and childcare. We are so appreciative of the partnering and support. Many thanks!
Kate M
it's family
It is hard to start this review when there are so many things to say about KRK. Our twin boys came for Pre-K and were received with open and loving arms, from the very top down everyone took the time to know them, to care for them and to see for their care. One of our boys had some issues adapting to change, and instead of calling us over and over and threatening us with suspension (like another school did), KRK actually had us meet with their principal and his teacher to devise a joint plan of action, we coordinated efforts and reinforced at home what was being taught at school. Needless to say, in a matter of weeks, our boy thrived and was simply put, happy! As of today, the boys attend elementary school (K) and still not a day goes by where they say they miss KRK, they actually still go on their holiday camps. To us, KRK became part of our extended family, a shoulder where we got support and an ear that paid attention to all of our needs, nobody has been able to match this level of care for our boys, that's why they still want to go back as much as they can.
C. Carbonell
None better
My son has been at Kids R Kids East Roswell since he was 4 months old. I am a teacher at Centennial High School in Roswell, so as our due date approached, I began searching for schools in which to enroll Liam. Naturally, I wanted him close to me or close to where were living (we lived in Sandy Springs at the time). I visited many schools in the area but when I stopped into KRK, I immediately knew this is where I wanted to have our son! I was so impressed with the Administration, as well as, Ms. Agnes, Ms. Lucy, Ms. Patty and Ms. Chelsea! I could see how my little guy was flourishing at KRK. The things that impressed me the most were how much interaction the babies (Liam included) were getting from the teachers. Being a teacher myself, I expected certain things to be done in the classroom. The 4 teacher in this room play with the babies, read to the babies, complete art projects with the babies, sing and dance with the babies! I know KRK has had a phenomenal impact on Liam's development. Recently my family moved to Cumming. I did search for schools to send Liam to because he was spending so much of his day in the car. To be honest, out of the 6 schools I visited up north, there were none that even came close to being able to provide the loving, learning environment that Lucy, Agnes, Patty and Chelsea provide to the babies at KRK! I cannot imagine having Liam anywhere else!
Rachel Collins
Looking for a great preschool for your child, or a great place to teach?
I worked at Kids R Kids East Roswell Preschool for two years before retiring from day care. It was one of the best, if not the best, places I'd worked over the many years that I worked in day care. It's not just a day care center where the children are "kept busy", it is a preschool where the children learn and where the teachers are concerned about the "whole" child. They plan lessons that meet the physical, emotional, creative and educational needs of each child. Mr. Paul, the owner, is a hands on owner who cares about the staff, parents and children in his center. He makes sure his teachers feel appreciated by doing various teacher appreciation events throughout the year, free massages, contests where you can win money or paid days off, dinners, etc. The directors are all easy to get along with and will bend over backwards to help you out if you need them. If you're looking for a great preschool for your child, or a great place to "teach", then Kids R Kids East Roswell Preschool is for you.
Brenda R.
You can't go wrong!
My child has been attending this facility since 2009. The staff throughout the years from Ms. Laura, Neely, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Julia and Pre-K teacher, Ms. Emily have contributed to my child's passion to learn. I couldn't be more happier of the great job this school continues to do. After my daughter's first year in Kindergarten, we received notice that she was accepted into the GA Tag program, Talented and Gifted in Fulton County. My daughter was reading before she exited Pre-K and exceeded all kindergarten tested goals per Fulton County. The staff offers such a wonderful environment and various exciting activities for our kids to want to learn. The summer camp gets better and better by the year because the kids can tell you what they experienced and they look forward to returning to the school, so you know your money is well spent. And did I mention my daughter is speaking Mandarin Chinese? Thank you so much Mr. Paul and staff for continuing to serve our kids with the very best!
Happy Family
Our Kids Have Thrived!
The teachers are great, the staff is great, the facility is great! We love having the webcams, too. We started our oldest child here because we lived close by. Then we moved and switched her to another preschool. In two days we were back at Kids R Kids East Roswell. The quality and attention she received at the other school did not come close to what we had become accustomed to. We now have two kids there and they are getting terrific care and thriving. Even the field trips the older ones go on are amazing.
Peter & Amy B
You Can't Go Wrong
My child has been attending this facility since 2009. The staff throughout the years from Ms. Laura, Neely, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Julia and Pre-K teacher, Ms. Emily have contributed to my child's passion to learn. I couldn't be more happier of the great job this school continues to do. After my daughter's first year in Kindergarten, we received notice that she was accepted into the GA Tag program, Talented and Gifted in Fulton County. My daughter was reading before she exited Pre-K and exceeded all kindergarten tested goals per Fulton County. The staff offers such a wonderful environment and various exciting activities for our kids to want to learn. The summer camp gets better and better by the year because the kids can tell you what they experienced and they look forward to returning to the school, so you know your money is well spent. And did I mention my daughter is speaking Mandarin Chinese? Thank you so much Mr. Paul and staff for continuing to serve our kids with the very best!
Proud Army Mom
Thanks for everything!
I wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased I have been with your school and, especially, the staff. Seth has thoroughly enjoyed his time with the KRK family. Your teachers have provided him with a fun, challenging and encouraging environment. I honestly feel KRK has prepared him for Kindergarten by providing the structure and foundation needed to be successful. Thank you for such a positive experience. Thank you for taking such great care of my child. Thank your staff for EVERYTHING!!!
Jennifer D.
My son is a Pre-K graduate of this school and I highly recommend the school and the Pre-K program. The curriculum is top-notch and it has a foreign language component, Mandarin Chinese. My son was reading before he graduated Pre-K and was ahead of the curve when he entered Kindergarten at Barnwell.
Marither W.
Hello Mr. Paul, Let me first start off to say that my daughter, Sophia, has had an amazing group of teachers each class. We transferred from a local daycare and hands down it was the best decision I made. This year, I have been highly impressed with all of Sophia's teachers....Ms. Erika, Ms. Luma, Ms. Stephaney, and Ms. Angel. They do an exceptional job communicating with us about Sophia. I can tell the love they have for my daughter. She comes every day and talks about ALL of her teachers, shares the songs they sing in class, and as a 3 year old tells me what she does each day. She loves learning and we love KRK! Phyllis
A Bittersweet Farewell
Dear Mr. Paul. Today is Sam and Ava's last day of school at Kids R Kids East Roswell, and while I'm excited about the next chapter in their education, the decision to move on was not an easy one to make. In the end, it just makes sense for us a family for them to make the move to their new elementary school. Thank you for reaching out to us and please know that I will continue to sing your praises and recommend your school to anyone and everyone. That being said, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much Sam and Ava's attendance at your school has meant to them as students, and to me as a parent. Sam began in Miss Connie's class as a shy child, often inside his own head, standing on the sidelines instead of joining in the action. He's now more participatory, increasingly articulate, and - dare I say - even one of the rowdiest boys in his class. Though he is the sweetest child, he has his moments of silliness. However, what some might see as misbehavior, I see as his first steps at finding his voice and his place in the world. His teachers have been amazing. With Ms. Connie's encouragement and guidance and Ms. Justine's sweet reassurance, Sam is growing into a well-rounded, comical and confident little boy. Ava has loved being in Mr. Nathan's class and, as far as I'm concerned, he was custom-made to be her first teacher. He relates to children in such a unique and spirited way and he manages to see each little character for whom he or she really is. And Ava is a character; she may or may not be responsible for any new gray hairs on Mr. Nathan's head (not that I've seen any!). His silliness tempered with a directed style of educating has brought out Ava's limitless imagination, her joy for learning, and a creativity that I, as her mother, am constantly inspired by. As a mom, I'm a worrier and I do tend to jump from "what if" to "APOCALYPSE!" without reason or regard, but I've never felt a moment's concern about my children while they've been in the care of the teachers and staff at Kids R Kids East Roswell. The webcams certainly offered reassurance in those first days (ok, months), but you've chosen a wonderful staff, from the front desk (a special thanks to Jana for supporting my new business in such a fun and sweet way) to the café to the assistants, everyone has been exceptional to us. In addition to Mr. Nathan, Ms. Connie and Ms. Justine, I would like to offer my praise to Mr. Anthony (who always has a smile and a kind word, even while he's cleaning up after a sick child - really!) and Ms. Kathy who has reinforced good mealtime manners in Sam and Ava. Thanks for making their first year of school a memorable one. Tamara
Tamara S.
Thanks So Much!
Mr. Paul, As the summer ends and as a new school year is about to begin, I wanted to tell you how pleased my husband and I were with Erika's class. India has grown socially and academically and I have to say that it is due to the team work that Erika and Luma as well as Stephaney share. They work fabulously together and it shows...the class runs like clockwork. We will miss India being in their class, but we look forward to her moving on up next year! You have hired wonderful teachers and I wanted you to hear it from one set of your parents!
Landrix and Kimberley
Thank you, KRK!
Hi Mr. Paul! I hope all is well. Idara mentioned she was having a "splendid" time at camp. Her words, not mine. I had been meaning to mention to you that Idara is in the Ga TAG Program (talented and gifted program) for the upcoming school year. I always knew she was a genius but I do believe that your staff throughout the years from Ms. Laura, Ms. Neely, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Julia and Ms. Emily have contributed to her passion to learn. I just wanted to say thank you to both you and the staff for offering such a wonderful environment for our kids. Thank you abundantly, Kaete
Kaete E.
Couldn't be happier!
My son started in the infants room at Kids R Kids East Roswell and will be starting the Pre-K program there this fall. I can't say enough about this school - we have been so impressed with the teachers and what my son has learned over the years! My son has been attached to each teacher he has had in the past 5 years and has thrived and been engaged (many times he is reluctant to leave when we pick him up!). There has been very little turnover during our time there and staff know all the children. The teachers, administrative staff and the owner, Mr. Paul are deeply involved in making this an excellent school. The curriculum is rigorous and creative and there are many additional activities for fun and learning including language, arts, sports and social activities. I have always gotten additional time and feedback with the teachers and staff when I requested it in addition to regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences. My family feels very fortunate that we have this school for our son and look forward to summer camp and after school care when he moves on to primary school.
M. Hynes
Wonderful School and Wonderful Experience!
My daughter has been in the Explorers classroom for nearly five months. She is currently an only child, so she loves the interaction with other children. Her teachers are very upbeat and positive and genuinely care for the children enrolled in the class. Mr. Paul, the owner of the center, is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond to meet the needs of both parents and children. The school is very focused on developing the skills of the children. In five months, my daughter has excelled and developed at an amazing rate. At the same time, the school integrates fun and developmentally appropriate activities for the children to space out their day. I have not regretted for one minute making the choice to enroll my daughter in this school!
Maressa E.
A +++++
Both my children have been going to East Roswell Preschool for the past 2 1/2 years and I couldn't be happier with the results of being in the best hands around! I grew up in Roswell, GA and am very familiar with the preschools in the area. This one ranking #1 for me, based on checking every other one out before deciding on them. Also, my mother has been teaching in Fulton County for over 30 years and stated that students that come from East Roswell KRK are always above and beyond prepared for entering kindergarten, which is NOT always the case at other schools. The owner, Paul, front Admin. Group, Hilary/Suzanne/Darla are all beyond wonderful! They are always looking out for the best interest of my children and are extremely loving and caring towards them. The teachers are beyond amazing! To name a few, Miss Neeley, Miss Sonia, Miss Lauren, Miss Erika, Miss Anna, Miss Stephaney, Miss Angel, Miss Luma and especially Miss Meaghan have been so nurturing to my children! They are always excited to see my kids, as my kids are excited to see them. They have wiped their tears, kissed their boo-boos, held their hands, hugged them, had conversations with them, comforted them, laughed with them and above all else taught them. We also adore Jana Lawson on the Admin. Staff. Every morning welcoming us with a smile and eager to help us with any needs. My children come home telling me new things everyday. They are thriving at this school and have developed social skills being around all these kids. We, as a family, have made friends for life from going to this school! Thank you East Roswell KRK for being a positive influence on my children and for taking care of my precious boys. We love you!!
S. Naggiar
Great teachers!
As my family was out of town before and during Teacher Appreciation Week I didn't get a chance to formally participate as I have in the past. So, I thought that in lieu of belatedly giving the teachers food, flowers, or otherwise, I would recognize them here. My son is 3 and in Early Learners. He has been at KRK since he was 1. Ms. Neeley quickly became his favorite when he was in Explorers and I was worried for him when she took over as lead teacher in Trainers. Ms. Lauren (and at the time Ms. Jenny) were always there for him to ensure he didn't dwell too long in missing her. To this day, my son calls her "My NeeNee." I can't tell you enough how much we love his current teachers, Erika, Ana, and Angel. They do a fabulous job with the kids. He has grown so much since coming into their class. Physically yes, but emotionally as well. These teachers take time to understand the kids, their personalities, and also to share that understanding with the parents. Their patience and perseverance when facing a child who isn't having a good day, or misses mommy at naptime, cannot be overstated. I know the day will come when my son has to move up to the next class, but for now, I am thrilled to have Erika, Ana and Angel as his teachers. I think they are truly awesome! Low teacher turnover is very important to me as a mom and I appreciate the efforts made at KRK in retaining the same ones each year.
My son doesn't live with his father and he's only able to see him a couple days a month. When I heard there was a male teacher in the 4 year olds, I was thrilled at the potential for my son to have an additional positive male role model in his life. Mr. Nathan has far exceeded my expectations. He brings creative ideas and materials in on his own to engage the children. He spends time after work and on weekends thinking and researching fun, exciting learning games and activities to do during the week with his kids. He just couldn't be a nicer, kinder man and he is just the right amount of funand zany that make the kids school days wonderful! I am just thrilled with him and the school!
Debra B.
Inclement weather
When Georgia had that terrible snow/ice storm at the end of January I was stuck in traffic for 9 hours trying to get to my daughter. She is in the Trainers class. Not only was my daughter kept safe, warm, well fed, and entertained, but Mr. Paul, the owner came to pick me up after determining that Holcomb Bridge Rd was practically un-driveable. Needless to say, he was able to deliver me and my daughter home safely. Thank you!
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