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Preschoolers (2- and 3/4-year-olds)

At East Roswell Learning Academy, the goal of our Preschool curriculum is to help equip your child for the challenges ahead. The daily adventures of self-awareness and discovery begin at birth and continue into preschool as children embark on their lifelong journey of learning and exploration. We understand that during this time of life it is essential to foster an environment of support and encouragement so that each child can establish a strong sense of confidence while celebrating new accomplishments and milestones.

We focus on being an academic school for all ages – not a daycare. Our teachers follow the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS) as the guide for classroom instruction. Our lesson plans address all areas of development: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, approaches to play, communication, language, and literacy. Our program places a strong emphasis on working with the students to develop their reading skills at as early an age as possible. The curriculum is divided into weekly, theme-based units that engage your child with a variety of topics and information to help them gain a greater understanding of the world around them.

The 3s/4s curriculum also includes Zoophonics to teach the recognition of upper and lower case letters with the corresponding sound. Handwriting Without Tears is a developmentally appropriate way to handwriting.

Your children will discover and develop their own personal interests while learning how to work in a group setting, expand their vocabulary, and establish strong character traits that will boost self-esteem. 


Growing Minds, Growing Up

As children enter preschool, our curriculum shifts to accommodate a more structured day, preparing preschoolers for the academic schedules they'll soon find in elementary school.


The Preschool Curriculum includes:

  • Child-directed learning which allows preschoolers to process and self-regulate their own decisions
  • Language, physical, and cognitive development that focuses on learning curves needed for developmental milestones
  • Small group activities that are planned for every child throughout each day
  • Literacy and writing activities which are age-appropriate and provided daily
  • Activities and music to balance learning and fun
  • Emotional and social development with peers and teachers
  • Planned outdoor activities that promote physical fitness and development
  • Daily enrichment activities to encourage imaginative and creative play
  • Progress reports and Parent Conferences to share information about the child's progress
  • Decision-making skills to support growing minds
  • Private Facebook groups to share photos and updates about the activities in which your child is participating throughout the day


Our Advanced Approach

While our Preschool Curriculum shifts to accommodate a more structured environment in preparation for elementary school, we do not underestimate the importance of play in a child’s learning experience. As children work and play in well-designed learning stations, they learn to make good choices because there is purpose in their play.

Your child learns critical developmental skills throughout each of our learning stations. Here are just a few examples of what each learning station offers your preschool child:

  • Construction Station - Architecture, vocabulary, eye-hand coordination, and cooperation
  • Imagination Station - Social skills, self-confidence, and respect
  • Library and Literature Station - Listening skills, word recognition, and oral language skills
  • Writing Station - Eye-hand coordination, name recognition, and self-expression
  • Exploration Station - Classification, problem-solving, and sequencing
  • Discovery Station - Experimentation, exploration, and prediction
  • Sensory Station - Fine-motor skills, measuring, and creativity
  • Music and Movement Station - Listening, teamwork, and patterning

We understand that preschoolers need encouragement and praise as they learn to share, problem-solve, and respect their parents, teachers, and peers. The environment in our elite learning academy fosters care, compassion, and educational excellence in every child.

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